KNRM Helpt: the all-in-one safety app

Free KNRM app helps water sports enthusiasts with good preparation for every boating trip

The KNRM Helpt app offers water sports enthusiasts a tool that makes them aware of proper preparation while doing so. The app simplifies the use of weather and nautical information and the preparation of a sailing plan before the trip. With the current nautical charts provided, boaters can follow their sailing trip and keep a log. On the accompanying website, personalised checklists and reviews of boating trips can be stored. Users of the app are notified when new features or updates are available.

Quick assistance
The KNRM is committed to improve assistance on the water – within its working area – by being directly available for non-urgent requests for assistance on the water. During a boating trip, help can be requested from the app. In case of an emergency, but also in less urgent cases. To handle non-urgent requests for assistance, the KNRM has set up its own emergency center.
When registering the app, details of the ship and the crew are recorded. In the event of an emergency or the need for assistance, the KNRM immediately has access to the position of the boat, the details of the person requesting assistance, the ship’s name, the crew on board and even of those who stayed at home. This can greatly speed up the giving of help.

1,500 requests for assistance per year
The KNRM Helpt app is intended for use within the areas where the 45 KNRM rescue stations are located: along the North Sea coast and inland along Dutch waterways, such as IJsselmeer, Randmeren, Waddenzee and the Zeeland waters. Every year water sports enthusiasts call on the help of the KNRM about 1,500 times. Sometimes because of life-threatening situations such as man overboard. More often though for minor inconveniences that could have been prevented with good preparation or maintenance of the boat.

The app is available in the Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.
App users can manage their data on the website linked to the app.

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